Politically correct term for special needs

Planned activities are designed to address individual needs and to help.But, they have nothing to do with work, which is what I was attempting to say in the book.The following is intended as suggestion, not censorship, in choosing more appropriate terms.Sensory Integration Disorder (SID or SI) is also known as Sensory.Poor sense of balance and lack of coordination of the voluntary.PL 94-482 refers to The Vocational Education Amendments of 1976.A slowness in certain specialized aspects of neurological development.

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Specialized services provided to infants and toddlers ages birth to.A procedure for strengthening behavior when the consequence of that.These conditions must be met fully prior to the presentation of the.

One type of conceptual style based largely on a breakdown and analysis.Start with a compliment, like how you think the person made a good point or wrote a good article.CHADD is a national organization that provides information, training.The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).Anoxia refers to a severe form of hypoxia which often results in permanent damage.

The score of an intelligence test that is a form of psychological.A Financial Worker is a person employed by a county to administrate.I know there are cases where something just might be impossible for someone, but even then I hate to put limits on what someone can do.Standard Deviation: Standard deviation is a measurement of variability.This act guarantees that individuals with disabilities have access to.National Information Center for Handicapped Children and Youth.

This approach, developed by child psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan.Use language that makes a person or group feel like they are equal and included in any situation.A condition in which an infant or child is unable or refuses to eat or has difficulty eating, which can result in frequent illness, failure to grow normally, and even death.School Year at each meeting and must describe those services specifically.Part B refers to the section of the federal special education.Resources, such as books, magazines, and other print material.

You might have more resilience than I do, certainly at times.The ability to coordinate vision with the movements of the body or.When speaking to a group of people, you may be talking to people from many different religions, or speaking to people who are agnostic or atheist.Occurs when there are excessive electrical discharges released in some.The ability to attend to one aspect of the visual field while.Grade, age, and percentile are the most common types of norms.

Your first reaction to someone who is different may be confusion or fear—so take a deep breath, remember that the other person matters, and let your second reaction be one of acceptance and respect.Use gender-inclusive language when discussing these social issues.The world has innumerable different religions and not everyone shares the same beliefs.

But your article helped me feel better after such a negative interaction I had today.Refrain from language that groups people into one large category.One whose position is either instructional in nature or who delivers.